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Effective treatment of constipation in 8 hours

100 Years of Constipation Relief

Laxettes provides effective treatment of constipation in 8 hours and is great for those wanting overnight relief action and to restore regularity.

Laxettes uses natural Senna

Purified form of Natural Senna

Laxettes overnight relief action in 8 hours

Overnight relief action in 8 hours

Laxettes is easy to swallow

Easy to swallow mini-tablets or Chocolate formats

Laxettes made in Australia

Made locally in Australia

The Range

The only chocolate laxative in Australia and available as easy-to-consume squares. Also available in easy to swallow mini-tablets format for those who prefer to take tablets.

Now, proudly introducing 2 brand-new formats – SOFT GEL CAPSULES AND LIQUID!

Senna Laxative Extra Strength One-A-Day Soft Gel Capsules

Senna Laxative Liquid

Senna Laxative Tablets

Senna Laxative Chocolate

Buy Online

You can find our Laxettes products across major supermarkets and pharmacies nationally.

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Got some Questions?

Is Laxettes lactose free?

All Laxettes products are lactose free.

Is Laxettes gluten free?

All Laxettes products are gluten free.

Is Laxettes sugar free?

All Laxettes products are sugar free.

Can I take Laxettes at the same time as my other medications or supplements?

Some medications might not work properly if taken with Laxettes. The best way is to find out from your GP.

Can I take Laxettes while pregnant or breastfeeding?

All Laxettes products are safe to be taken while pregnant or breastfeeding. We recommend to check with your doctor before consumption.

Do I need a prescription from my doctor to buy Laxettes?

All Laxettes products are available at leading groceries & pharmacies as an Over The Counter medicine.